Monthly:September 2016

Colorful worshipping

Light from above Somewhere in Central-France I visited this small, village church.  he sun filled the majectic hall with light through stained glass windows creating an ever changing spectacle of lines and colors. I can’t help but take a few images to capture the moment.    

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Composé militaire – An abandoned militairy compound in Northern France

In northern France I spend almost an entire day stroling around an abandoned military compound. The sun was out only ever so often so I needed to be patient to wait for the right lighting conditions. The compound was large consisting of over at least a doxen buildings. All where completely emptied, with militairy precision one could add….. Fortunately the structures, the rooms, the stairwells and some details presented adequate photo opportunities. Another lovely day well spend.  ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” […]

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Trip through France

A few random images from a trip to France

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