The castle with the blue bathroom

Big rooms with large windows and details in the finishing  lets me as a visitor know that ones some affluent owners resided here.

Fireplaces and Bathrooms

The castle had to function, for most of its life anyway, without modern comforts like central heating.  This means that fireplaces are to be found in nearly all the rooms.

To cater to the needs of its occupants the castle also has no shortage of bathrooms in different shapes and sizes. 

I can’t help but noticing that the yellow batroom clearly lacks the grandure of the other ones so I assume this is where the staff dusted off after a hard day of labour. 


The kitchen was suprisingly simple.  Nowadays one would struggle to make a half descent grilled cheese sandwich here I hear my self thinking.  Maybe they already had take-away food back in those days?,  I  continue wondering when I pick up my equipment and walk to the next room.

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