An old, blue lounge set looses from mother nature

Love at first sight

The house at the end of the driveway immediately captivates me. It’s old and covered in brushes and decay has definately set in. But the house still oozes a pleasant admosphere.  Het huis aan het einde van de oprit boeit me onmiddellijk. Het is oud, ingevallen en bedekt met groen maar het ademt een mooie sfeer uit

Blue lounge set

One of the first rooms I encounter centerpieces a lovely old blue lounge set. Combined with the surrounding artifacts you immediately can image what the occupant might have been like.

X-ray image

In one of the upstairs bedrooms an x-ray is taped to the window. You can’t know for sure but maybe the image predicts the unfortunate faith of the last occupant of the house. 

Nature is creeping in

 Walls and ceiling have given way to the forces of nature that slowly take over the house. The result is a wide pallet of green accents that enter my lenses.

Despite the obvious and wide-spread decay the house touches my soul. So many memories but nobody around to share them. 

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