A hunters cabin


One of my favorite destinations for relaxing and taking photographs is Portugal. Its often sunny which charges the body and mind an provides some welcome light into otherwise dark buildings 

in both the country side and mountain villages many abbandoned houses can be found. The younger generation has long ago moved to the cities and the last occupant of the structure is resting peacefuly under a beautiful marble tombstone in the local cemeteray.


I chose to believe a hunter lived in this house but I’m sure most of the villagers have hunting riffles stored in their homes around here.

The house was a three story buidling with the living quarters in the middle. The top floor seemed to have functioned as a vilage meeting place. A beautiful old mug was glinsering in a beam of sunlight when I came up the stairs.
The basement contained the usual suspects like empty bottles and some remnants suggesting that the family used to keep animals.



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