An Abandoned bakery on a Greek Island

Greek bakkery

While enjoying the afternoon sun stroling the back alleys of a Greek harbor town, I notice an abandoned building that appears to have been a bakery.

I’m trying to take a peek through the closed shutters when a man, who happens to be the owner greats me. We converse in an entertaining mix of Dutch, English and hand signals and I manage to get my desire to have a look inside accross.
A few minutes late the owner grants me that little pleasure. 

The bakery appears to have been abandoned a long time ago.  Most of the equipment has been moved out but I notice an old dough mixing machine that still remains. The machine is warn through years of time resulting a beeatiful rust-brown tones. The image is brightened by the suns light entering through a gated window which projects a grid  on the wall behind the mixer.

Days gone by 

After crawling over a considerable anount of dusty deberies in the next room I come accross some chairs. I can’t help but wonder about the animated discussions that took place between the users of those chairs while they enjoy their morning coffee and some Bougatsa pastry (μπουγάτσαof).  The chairs remain silent but the popping red and beautiful light accents speak to me, loudly.


All the way in the back I discover another, lonely and long abandoned, chair in a corner. “Thats probably where the baker used to enjoy a quick lunch” I cant help but wondering.

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