Baby blue – an empty pram on a Belgian estate


The mansion with the blue pram is a country house in cottage style.

Build in 1928 and located on an estate the country house was called home by a Baron Barones and their family of 1 son and 4 daughters.
One of the daughters lived on the estate until 1980 when she died, ending the dynasty.

Decay beyond repair?

The house has been abandonded since and chances of a viable renovation dwindle every year as decay progresses.

From an artistic point of view

From a photographers persepective the nursery with the blue pram is surely hte most interesting.  The opened suitcase, the warn pram and chair on which ones upon a time the children were nursed speak to the imagination.

Another highlight was the attic with a desk, A minimalistic scenery with esthatically pleasing volours.

And who, nowadays, still has a giant bathroom with wardrobe and fireplace?