Back to school, Stairways and chalkboards

In an abandoned building in Belgium I find myself going back to school. I create images of stairwells, hallways and classrooms with chalkboards
The school was build at the end of the 19th century and at its peak was ‘home’to 500 pupils.
There used to be a chapel attached to the building but that unfortunately was destroyed early in the 21st century.

Way back when

While roaming the corridors, memories of crowded class rooms and strict teachers flash by. I think of playing outside, having a sandwich under a tree and a first kiss on my cheek.

The atmosphere has since changed and the rooms are ultra silent and a bit spooky. Something is wrong.


The building has been emptied out for the most part so my artistic focus is on colour and composition.

Stair ways and stair cases always interest me since they offer an interesting combination of diagonal and straight lines. You need the light to be there as well to create nice images.

Class rooms are easily identifiable by the characteristic chalkboards.  In this old-school old school building there is no shortage of those. 

“Do they still use these?” I wonder.  Probably not. White boards and beamers nowadays I reckon.

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