Ballerina in an abandoned print mill


In an abandoned old print mill I meet Maree. Together we capture the beautiful harmony between classical ballet and the tranquility of an abandoned building.

A couple of images were created at the Ballet studio Valentijn in Eindhoven (Netherlands) but most in this old, abandoned building.


It was a cold day and Maree had to hold challenging poses for longer periods. I did not make it very easy for her.
Luckily for me ballerina’s are though and I received not a single complaint.

The time and effort were well worth it and we are both quite pleased with the end result.


I love how the contrast turned out. The combination of the roughness of the decayed building and the poetic beauty of a ballerina produced some stunning images.

The room that was used to create the images was fairly large, illustrated in the images with a model who is a relatively tiny speck against the old grand wall.


Besides trying to capture just a few of the many classica ballet poses we also free-styled a lot. Mix things up a bit by focusing on profile and images of the model sitting down.

Favorite image

 I often find it difficult to pick a favorite image from a serie. In this case I find it impossible to do. I love many of the images. Some for their composition or their details and many for the the serenity of Marees face and posture.



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