Magnificent castle

So, where do you start to describe such a beautiful location? I guess I let the images taken in this abandoned castle do the bulk of the talking.

Endless rows of books and cosy sofas

I spend a glorious morning on a photo shoot in an abandoned castle in France and I cannot stop marveling at how well preserved the place still is. I wander through the rooms of the castle and find endless rows of books and countless cozy sofas used for many hours of reading. All these chairs, the furniture, the bedrooms. The paintings, the carpets, and colorful wall decorations. They all are still in good condition so there is soo much to see. It is almost too much and I have to concentrate and focus on the images I want to capture. Keep breathing Iris, go step by step. …..


I observe, I photograph, I enjoy, I fantasize and I’m grateful.

I feel a lot of emotions when I carry my tripod from room to room. One of those emotions definitely is gratitude. I feel grateful to just be here and grateful to be allowed a glimpse into the past. And not least of all grateful that I can capture all this beauty before it gets destroyed, or removed, or modernized.


I capture a lot of images in this abandoned castle and some of them easily make my personal ‘picturesque’ criterium. I use that tag to label the images that I particularly enjoy. Sometimes because of the lighting, the composition or the vibe I manage to capture in the image. My personal favorites, if you like.

Try selecting ‘picturesque‘ on the image tag search page, insider tip!

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