Big stuff and small stuff
18 December 2018

Cinderella’s castle

Before I leave, as I stare outside through the window, I wonder whether Cinderella once enjoyed the same view. There is still hope The...

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10 November 2018

Magnificent castle

So, where do you start to describe such a beautiful location? I guess I let the images taken in this abandoned castle do the...

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22 December 2017

Bath house

Italian Grandeur This former bathouse is still impressive and must have been a beautiful resting stop in its hay days. The place shows clear...

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18 November 2017

Château artillery

900 years of history  This castle in a small town in Northern France has its roots in the 12th century but up until the...

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11 November 2017

School is out

A short history lesson I like quessing what used to go on in the places I visit even more than I like actually knowing...

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14 September 2016

Trip through France

A few random images from a trip to France

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