Urbex- Buildings
18 December 2018

Cinderella’s castle

Before I leave, as I stare outside through the window, I wonder whether Cinderella once enjoyed the same view. There is still hope The...

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10 November 2018

Magnificent castle

So, where do you start to describe such a beautiful location? I guess I let the images taken in this abandoned castle do the...

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17 March 2018

Resocialization institute

The institute As I approach the building I ponder on the possible roles this place has fulfilled in its lifetime. A note in the...

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14 February 2018

Psychiatric asylum

Wheelchairs and steel beds  Another gorgious location but ‘I’m glad I did not have to live here’ goes through my mind as I roam...

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14 February 2018

Soda bottelary

A soda bottelary End of story. Nothing to add here. The images speak for themselves.   

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2 February 2018

Ballerina in an abandoned print mill

Ballerina In an abandoned old print mill I meet Maree. Together we capture the beautiful harmony between classical ballet and the tranquility of an...

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20 January 2018

Back to school, Stairways and chalkboards

In an abandoned building in Belgium I find myself going back to school. I create images of stairwells, hallways and classrooms with chalkboards The...

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22 December 2017

Bath house

Italian Grandeur This former bathouse is still impressive and must have been a beautiful resting stop in its hay days. The place shows clear...

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22 December 2017

Rooms available

What a waste Every now and again I visit a place which seems to me worth saving.   I’m surprised to find the place abandoned ‘because...

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18 November 2017

Château artillery

900 years of history  This castle in a small town in Northern France has its roots in the 12th century but up until the...

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5 November 2017

Behind bars, an Abandoned prison in the hard of the Netherlands

In an abandoned prison in the centre of the Netherlands I capture the relative beauty of a building designed solely for efficiency and safety....

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15 September 2017

An Abandoned bakery on a Greek Island

Greek bakkery While enjoying the afternoon sun stroling the back alleys of a Greek harbor town, I notice an abandoned building that appears to...

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5 August 2017

The castle with the blue bathroom

 Well preserved Most artefacts have been removed from this small abandoned castle in Northern France. It was still an amazing place to create beautiful images. ...

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17 September 2016

Colorful worshipping

Light from above Somewhere in Central-France I visited this small, village church.  he sun filled the majectic hall with light through stained glass windows...

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16 September 2016

Composé militaire – An abandoned militairy compound in Northern France

In northern France I spend almost an entire day stroling around an abandoned military compound. The sun was out only ever so often so...

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