Cinderella’s castle

Before I leave, as I stare outside through the window, I wonder whether Cinderella once enjoyed the same view.

There is still hope

The histoy of this charming castle elludes me. It has certainly been abandoned for quite a while after the restaurant, the last function of the building, had to leave. The castle seems well worth the effort of a thorough rennovation. Although investers seem to be interested they face a burocratic wall of buildingcodes and environmental constraints. Or so I’m told. Fingers crossed that this will end positively.


The castle would be a fitting backdrop for any fairytale. The largely empty rooms still manage to showcase their old grandeure. Old fireplaces and slightly more modern radiators stand side by side to tell the visitors about the different life stages the castle went through.

Peeling wallpaper and crackled paint

The moisture and lack of maintenance show their marks on the peeling wallpapers and crackled painted walls. For me, as a photographer, a very wellcome view. I’m loving it!

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