Resocialization institute

The institute

As I approach the building I ponder on the possible roles this place has fulfilled in its lifetime.

A note in the entrance hall suggest to me that it functioned as a re-socialization institute, offering struggling youngsters a second chance.
Alternative scenarios are a rest home or possibly an orphanage since I do come across artifacts that suggest children have been here.

Grand stairs

One evident eye-catcher in this building are the grand stairs. They are littered with intricate wood carvings and further grandorized (…) with elaborate murals paintings. 

The bombastic stairs seem to suggest that at one point in time affluent inhabitants roamed these hallways. Who knows.

The suitcase in the attic 

In the attic a come across a single suitcase in an otherwise empty space. The images are less grand than those of the stairs but the light and ambiance make up for that, easily.


Several walls have been desecrated with graffiti.
Not badly executed,  but in my opinion this is not the place to express ones irreversible artistic needs. Most likely the artists now find themselves in a re-socialization institute of their own, I can’t help but think. .


Staircases with their lines and curves. They keep fascinating me. 

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