Tiny farm

Judging by the amount of religious relics the last occupant of the house was a man of faith. 

Small is beautiful

Besides those artifact, the house is still full of all sorts of reminders of those who used to live here.

The ‘complex’ is no more than a small house and a stable but still well worth the attention.  

Frozen in time

One day, quite a few years back by the looks of it, the last occupant had to leave. Since then the house has been frozen in time.

There are multiple signs that the end came unexpected. Pots and pans are drying in the sunlight that enters through the kitchen window. A wheel barrow is connected to a bicycle pump, ready to be filled. And a cup of coffee and a deck of cards lay ready for a lazy afternoon. 

Streaking sunlight

The light was gorgeous today. 

I used the light of the low hanging sun to create some highlights in many of the pictures.  The interior combined with the sunlight brought out pastel colors that lend themselves to create paintoresque images. 


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