Urbex- Houses
10 November 2018

Magnificent castle

So, where do you start to describe such a beautiful location? I guess I let the images taken in this abandoned castle do the...

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15 September 2018

Small Farmhouse

Small The farmhouse is quite small and the cleaning lady has not been around for a longgg time… Still, the furniture in de living/dining...

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12 January 2018

Baby blue – an empty pram on a Belgian estate

Mansion The mansion with the blue pram is a country house in cottage style. Build in 1928 and located on an estate the country...

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22 December 2017

An old, blue lounge set looses from mother nature

Love at first sight The house at the end of the driveway immediately captivates me. It’s old and covered in brushes and decay has...

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18 November 2017

Château artillery

900 years of history  This castle in a small town in Northern France has its roots in the 12th century but up until the...

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18 November 2017


Wow, what a beautiful location which has held back time very well. The dust and holes in the ceiling clearly show that the place...

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10 October 2017

An abandoned farmhouse in the Belgian countryside

Somewhere in the Belgian countryside I visit an abandoned farm house. As so often in these locations, time has been frozen the moment the...

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14 July 2017

Tiny farm

Judging by the amount of religious relics the last occupant of the house was a man of faith.  Small is beautiful Besides those artifact,...

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18 May 2017

A hunters cabin

Portugal One of my favorite destinations for relaxing and taking photographs is Portugal. Its often sunny which charges the body and mind an provides...

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