An abandoned farmhouse in the Belgian countryside

Somewhere in the Belgian countryside I visit an abandoned farm house. As so often in these locations, time has been frozen the moment the last inhabitant left the property for the final and last time. A news paper with yesterdays news. A made up bed and a partly set dining table tell their story in silence while the decay slowly progresses. The attic In the attic a lonely chair with an empty bottle suggests that ones the owner found a […]

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Tiny farm

Judging by the amount of religious relics the last occupant of the house was a man of faith.  Small is beautiful Besides those artifact, the house is still full of all sorts of reminders of those who used to live here. The ‘complex’ is no more than a small house and a stable but still well worth the attention.   Frozen in time One day, quite a few years back by the looks of it, the last occupant had to leave. […]

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